Implementation cases


To provide long-term sustainable development of housing sector in the Bezhanitskiy Rayon it is necessary to modernize and optimize housing power supply systems. Modernization of power supply economy is relevant as key assets wear rate is very high – 68%, processing equipment efficiency is very low - boiler houses equipment KPI is less than 50%. Besides that the Pskov Region power supply economy is marked by high level of dependence on imported oil.

More than 50% of boiler houses need modernization to optimize heat and power supply equipment. It is necessary as the amount of power and heat consumers decreased because of depopulation.

The Pskov Region has a lot of renewable energy sources, first of all peat and wood. But local fuels are used very little. Share of heat energy produced by boiler houses working on local fuels is only 2%.

Housing modernization in the Bezhanitskiy Rayon is planned in the following directions:
1. Construction of modular solid-fuelled peat boiler house in Kudever’ village.
2. Construction of modular solid-fuelled peat boiler house in Cevlo village.

To construct these boiler houses it is necessary to attract 16,5 mln RUR of investments. Boiler houses modernization will let to increase its’ energy efficiency and to decrease green house gases emissions by:
1. Boiler houses equipment KPI increase on 28%.
2. Transport costs decrease (transport costs has 50% of total costs of coal and 20% of oil fuel costs).
3. Coal and oil fuel will be substitute with local fuels.
4. Costs of energy for industrial needs will decrease on 30%.


Developing the Bezhanitskiy Rayon forest industries will provide a great support for Rayon’s economy and will contribute Rayon’s sustainable development. The main reasons why forest estate industries are not developed in the Bezhanitskiy Rayon are: shortages and confusions of forest legislation; Rayon’s public management problems; the quality of forest ranges; remote location of forest areas.

The following ways were defined to improve the situation with forest estate in the Bezhanitskiy Rayon:

  • To provide local authorities with additional functions in taking decisions on forest estate.
  • To simplify the procedure of forest areas renting for small business and local population.
  • To re-introduce auctions system for forest areas.
  • To stimulate non-woody forest resources use: berries, mushrooms medicinal herbs.
  • To stimulate forest estate use for ecological tourism.
  • To introduce new form of forest estate management.