Achievements so far

In spite of the fact that Russia joined the project later than the other partners, the Inventory phase was completed. In the frame of the Inventory phase a lot of useful information was collected, implementation cases were worked out. Implementation cases are to be implemented in two sectors: housing and agriculture.

During the Inventory phase a research was made that revealed the main problems in these sectors in the TA. The main problem in housing is low efficiency of housing power supply system.  The main activities which were defined during the research to help solving this problem are: to attract attention of the Bezhanitskiy Rayon population and the Pskov Region population to the problem of energy efficiency in housing; to develop measures to be taken to increase energy efficiency; as one of such measures to support construction of two modular solid-fuelled peat boiler house in Kudever’ village and in Cevlo village of the Bezhanitskiy Rayon.

The main problem in agriculture is connected with forest estate inefficient use. The research showed that efficient use of the Bezhanitskiy Rayon forest resources will help to provide Rayon’s sustainable development. The main activities that may contribute solving this problem are: to attract attention of local and regional authorities to the problem, to introduce new forms of forest estate management, to introduce new ways of forest resources use (ecological tourism, non-woody forest resources use).