About target area

The Target Area of Russia is presented by the Bezhanitskiy Rayon of the Pskov Region. The Bezhanitskiy Rayon is situated in the East of the Pskov Region of Russia. It has an area of 350 000 hectares (6,6% of the Pskov Region territory).

The population of the Bezhanitskiy Rayon is 14500 people. It is under populated area where only 5 people live per 1 square kilometer on average. Only 37% of the Bezhanitskiy Rayon population is able-bodied. About 42% of the population is urban. The population of the Rayon has been decreasing for a number of years because of mortality growth and birth rate decline.

The centre of the Rayon is situated in urban settlement called Bezhanitsy. The distance between Bezhanitsy and Pskov is 180 kilometers; between Velikiye Luki and Bezhanitsy is 82 km. The Bezhanitskiy Rayon has a railway and highway connection with main centers of the Pskov Region as well as Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

The Bezhanitskiy Rayon is famous for huge amount of heavy-going moss bogs, where more than 100 peat deposits are situated. These moss bogs have also great fresh water reserves and function as climate regulators. Forests occupy around 27,6% of the rayon’s territory (hardwood dominate). Agricultural lands occupy 44% of the Rayon’s territory.

One of the first marsh reservations in Russia - State wildlife reservation “Polistovskiy” is located in the Bezhanitskiy Rayon. It was founded in 1994. Total area of the Polistovskyi reservation is 37983 hectares, conservation area is 17297 hectares. Due to the large amount of forests and wildlife reservation Bezhanitskiy Rayon is inhabited by large amount of various wild animals and birds.

The Bezhanitskiy Rayon hydrography contains the following rivers: L’sta, Ashevka, Polist’, Uda and other small drains. A lot of lakes are situated on the Rayon’s territory. The biggest lakes are Polistovo, Ale, Cevlo, Kamennoe, Dubec.

The industry of the Bezhanitskiy Rayon is less-developed. But agriculture is highly developed: there are several stock-farms on the base of dairy and meat industries. The biggest industrial enterprise of the Region glass work “Krasnyi Luch” is located in the Bezhanitskiy Rayon and is considered to be one of the oldest glass works in Russia. Wood harvesting is holding year-round. Also crop plants are cultivated, as well as flax, oats, potatoes. At the previous peat extractions, sand is being extracted now.