About target area

Target area in Lituania – Panevezys region.

Target Area Coordinator – Zivile Gedminaite-Raudone, Lithuanian Institute of Agrarian Economics,

Target Area in Lithuania is located in Panevezys region, with total area of 2 179 km2. Panevezys region is the most rural region in Lithuania, with total population of 42 910. 96,1 % of them live in rural areas and only 3,9 % live in cities. Most part of area is agricultural land (57,3 %) and forest and scrub land (31,1 %). 

Average annual temperature is estimated to change with around 4C towards the end of the century. The temperature increase is unevenly spread over the seasons, winter temperatures are estimated to change with around 6C and summer temperatures with around 4C. The increase in maximum and minimum temperature is rather similar.