Implementation cases


According to the local research documents it is foreseen that climate change will present more  chances than challenges in the sector of agriculture in Latvia. The main accent in this implementation case will be on promoting sustainable biological and eco-farming in the region therefore precluding negative impacts of the climate change and taking advantages from chances. 

This will not only significantly reduce GHG emissions, but will also provide a range of benefits to local people and businesses:
- diversification of income for farmers through introducing of various energy crops;
- introduction of environmentally sound technologies;
- increasing attractiveness of the territory to develop ecotourism and eco farming.

Increasing the use of local renewable energy sources in energy production will contribute the long term sustainable development of the region economically and financially as well as in terms of employment and climate protection.
To promote local renewable energy sources following tasks are planned:
- promotion of renewable energy use in housing;
- promotion of local biogas production in livestock farms and dumping sites;
- promotion of wood fuel consumption;
- involving private forest owners in wood fuel production.