Achievements so far

At this moment the main emphasis of the work is focused in the field of spreading information. In the spring of Year 2010 2 seminars have been organized - „Renewable energy resources – chances for Latvian economy today” on March 18th; “Use of biomass resources for bioenergy production” on April 21st and a workshop for farmers and specialists for rural development in local municipalities of the region within a Capitalization Phase of the BalticClimate project on May 13th. Apart from that a practical seminar with experience exchange was organized in Straupe “Complex approach for use of renewable energy sources in country house”, which was hosted by a local farmer and targeted to farmers, farmhouse owners, as well as employees in transport enterprises on 3rd August.

As one off the good practical examples in the Target Area is a continuous and regular promotion of organic farming production which is carried out two times in a month in Straupe Green market.
Since September 2009 in Līgatne a local weather station purchased within the BalticClimate project is in operation and the measurements of it are available to every inhabitant of the region as well as to every other person in interest via the web page of the Līgatne municipality. A monthly summary of the weather conditions are published on the web as well displaying minimum, average and maximum temperatures, wind speed and precipitation levels. Students are using these data in geography lessons and learn to analyse the weather changes.
After in June 2010 the sun collectors were installed as an alternative energy resource in a private flat in Līgatne an interest in renewable energies has significantly increased among the residents of the region and they have begun active participation in the discussions about climate change mitigation and adaptation measures along with the policy makers of the municipality.