About target area

The target Area in Latvia is comprised of the Municipalities of Līgatne and Pārgauja, with 655 km2 of total area and 8513 residing citizens.
Annual precipitation amounts to 705-788 mm. The richest rainfalls come in July (100 - 104 mm), the least precipitation (26 - 36 mm) is in February. The average annual temperature is 5 ° C. Coldest months - January and February with average temperatures -6 ° C. The warmest month is July with an average air temperature 17 ° C.
Great part of territory consists of forests (52%) and agricultural lands (32%). Huge amount of forests can be explained by the fact that more than a half of the target area falls within the territory of Gauja National Park, which is largest in Latvia.
Līgatne municipality uses mainly centralized gas in heating system. In Pārgauja 95% houses (public and private) are heated by wood fuel.