Implementation cases


Aim of the Implementation Case transport is the development of an efficient and climate friendly public transportation system in a rural area with declining population. The BalticClimate results will be integrated into the Regional Public Transportation Plan (completed 2012). Additionally a masters thesis about “climate change and transport in Western Mecklenburg” was written at the FH Eberswalde.
The focus in the implementation case transport will be:
  • improving the attractiveness of public transport
  • improving the energy efficiency of the public transportation system (organisation and vehicles)
  • adopting alternative and more flexible forms of public transportation (demand responsive transportation e.g. share taxi, hail & ride, electro mobility)
  • reacting to the impacts on the infrastructure due to extreme weather conditions
  • raising the awareness of the transport business concerning the impacts of climate change.
The “UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Schaalsee” as associated organization in the project, will focus on the implementation case agriculture. Main aim is the analysis of challenges (e.g. water-management) and chances (e.g. new species) caused by climate change.
The farmers in the Region Biosphere Reserve Schaalsee will be informed about the regional climate impacts in lectures. They will get information how to reduce the negative effects on agriculture and fruit-growing and gain knowledge about the development of sustainable adaptation strategies to cope with the positive and negative impacts of climate change. In cooperation with the Research Institution for Agriculture and Fishery, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and local farmers there will be new innovative cropping methods (mulch-methods, injection-manuring, multi-culture systems, sustainable crop-growing of biomass) demonstrated in 2-3 field tests. The field tests will go along with guided tours for the local farmers. At the end of the project there will be a regional conference about climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies.