Achievements so far

The aim in Western Mecklenburg is to raise the awareness about chances and challenges of climate change in the region and transfer the results of BalticClimate into regional long term strategies. BalticClimate issues in the target area are coordinated by the regional government authority “Western Mecklenburg Regional Planning Association”. Achievements so far in Western Mecklenburg are:

The Analysis of effects, risks and chances of climate change:

  • scientific study on “risks and chances of climate change” in Western Mecklenburg

Increase the awareness and the level of information about climate change in the target area:

  • regional network of climate change experts was established
  • monthly e-newsletter KLIMABLICK regularly send out
  • political declaration on climate change in Western Mecklenburg was signed
  • various events e.g. “Regional Climate Summit Westmecklenburg” in 2010 and 2011

Implement and realize regional long term strategies:

  • climate change as a permanent principle in regional planning
  • integrate climate change issues into the latest Regional Spatial Structure Plan
  • develop guidelines for the region and focus on opportunities