Implementation cases


Central Finland region has high GHG emissions from traffic. This is mainly due to the long distances and transit traffic through the region. The aim is to optimize and develop different sectors of transport and traffic. This will be done by implementing several smaller projects, not only in public transport, but also in the transport of goods. The main focus in target area is in the Jämsä-Jyväskylä-Äänekoski development zone including smaller municipalities in the region.

The purpose of this work is a comprehensive plan for planning, including traffic and land use, in the region and especially in the development zone Jämsä-Jyväskylä-Äänekoski. By this project we’ll also promote public transportation by making it more attractive for people and find integrated solution (car-bus/train-bike) for traffic. This will benefit not only the climate but also the economy of the area.


The main focus in this set of cases is in planning. The purpose of this set of studies is to find integrative solutions in spatial planning (and spatial structure) and thus support and guide the development of existing areas into more sustainable direction. We are studying not only the cities, but also the more scattered settlements. Also, smaller projects in the areas of eco-housing and adaptation of the cities to CC are performed.

By this project we’ll also raise the knowledge in the TA concerning the different possibilities for decreasing the GHG emissions from housing, including:

- Possibilities in taking into account the CC in planning

- Ideal structure for cities- Climate-friendly city structure

- Usage of runoff waters from the cities.