Achievements so far

Report “possibilities of the rail based public transport in Central Finland” was completed October 2010. In this report the different land use strategies and their effects on accessibility and thus on possibilities to create a rail based public transport in Central Finland by 2030 was studied. The impacts of these different land use models were evaluated based on greenhouse gas emissions and the overall costs on building the rail-based public transport. The results of this study was, that at the moment there is no justification for development of rail based public transport unless the costs structure or the behavior of the use of public transport service by citizens changes significantly. The main conclusion of the report was, that in the county the main emphasis must be on bus-based public transport development.

Ongoing implementation cases

Wind power potential in the county. In this implementation case the focus is on land use and wind power. The result will be a list of locations in the county, where 1 – 10 MW wind power can be located. report will be completed by summer 2011.

Share of transport in housing areas. In this implementation case the focus is on GHG emissions from transport in several (6) housing areas. The result will show the share of transport-based GHG emissions and their relation to the heating based GHG emissions from the housing areas selected.