Achievements so far

Harju Public Transport Centre is modelling the needs of passengers to plan the public transport network in the region. For this purpose, the on-board survey in all public buses, commercial buses and trains in South-West Harju County and in Rapla County was carried out in November 2009. The aim was to count the number of passengers as well as to receive information on their travel needs. To analyse data, the four-stage transport modelling program VISUM was purchased. 

For the county thematic plans of non-motorised traffic, the consultant has been selected. Harju and Rapla county governments have organised the first working seminars with local governments and other stakeholders in October and November 2010. The initial planning outline and terms of reference for Strategic Environmental Assessment of the plans have been publicised. 
The objective of the thematic plans is to develop a network of bicycle and pedestrian paths and routes by identifying road corridors and other mobility management solutions, and to connect this network with regional and local destinations (incl. train and bus stops). The plans identify a need and location for new bicycle paths and routes and elaborate principles for non-motorised transport management and related infrastructure. 
The broader aim is to increase the share of cycling and walking as healthy and environmentally friendly modes of transport in everyday mobility, as well as to improve travel choices, traffic safety and integration of cycling and public transport services.