BalticClimate Conference



“Pathfinding through Climate Change”

Riga, Latvia, November 8th-9th 2011.


Today a question about the existence of climate change phenomenon stands no more. Climate is changing and we must learn to live with it. But we believe that it brings not only threats and challenges, but also presents chances and opportunities.


The Conference gathered more than 150 participants and was aimed at summing up the realizations of the project “Baltic Challenges and Chances for local and regional development generated by Climate Change - BalticClimate.” It has been carried out by 23 Project Partners and further Associated Organizations from 8 Baltic Sea Region countries (Germany, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Russia, and Sweden). BalticClimate is financed under the Baltic Sea Region Programme within the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).The main purpose of the project is to support local and regional authorities/ actors in dealing with the issue of climate change.


  • Conference highlights included:
  • Climate Change in the Baltic Sea Region
  • Experiences in the Transport, Energy, Agriculture and Planning/Housing Sectors (incl. examples from the BalticClimate Target Areas
  • Climate Change and Business
  • Visualisations in the Multimedia Dome plus BalticClimate Idea Bazaar: Publication of the multi-language BalticClimate Toolkit and Posters
  • Panel Discussion with Multipliers for Policy Making, Spatial Planning and Business

The Conference was a platform for exchange of ideas and knowledge relevant to climate change in the Baltic Sea Region.




BalticClimate Project team

State Ltd. “Vides projekti”, Latvia

Academy for Spatial Research and Planning (ARL), Germany.



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